Poetry Friday: The Summer Day

Sep 14, 2018
Heather Songster

There are just a few precious days of summer left before the Fall Equinox. So, you might want to get out there and enjoy these warm September days, dry trails and dwindling wildflowers while you can. Today's Poetry Friday segment inspires us to do just that...it's Mary Oliver's 'The Summer Day', ready by KNAU listener Heather Songster. 


The Navajo Nation's vice president is facing a challenge in his bid for the tribe's top elected post.

La Paz County Sheriff's Office/KLPZ/ParkerLiveOnline via AP, File

An arrest warrant has been issued for an Arizona state lawmaker who generated national headlines after a video captured him bragging about driving more than 120 mph earlier this year.

Jim Clark, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

Some ecologists and activists argue the endangered Mexican gray wolf should be reintroduced further north in Arizona to increase the population. But a new study coauthored by the Arizona Game and Fish Department says expanding the range would harm recovery efforts. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports.

Arizona State Parks

State environmental officials are warning against consuming certain fish from a lake in Apache County.

Alex Brandon/AP Photo

Republican Sen. Jeff Flake of Arizona is condemning President Donald Trump's attacks on Attorney General Jeff Sessions, calling them a "travesty."

Bonnie Stevens

According to linguists, we all have accents, and we all carry biases about each others’ accents. Okim Kang, a researcher at Northern Arizona University, is studying the judgements we make about how difficult a person may be to understand before he or she even says a word.  It’s called Reverse Linguistic Stereotyping. Kang says it’s prevalent in the U.S. and can affect opportunities for education, employment and even citizenship.

AP Photo/Matt York, File

More than 16,000 families were apprehended at the border in August, authorities said Wednesday, a dramatic increase from previous months that the Trump administration blamed on legal loopholes and a reversal of a widely denounced policy that separated parents and children at the border.


A U.S. appeals court has rejected arguments against an Arizona law prohibiting outside collection of early ballots as well as a voting precinct rule.

Antonia Gonzales

Attorneys for the U.S. Justice Department want a federal judge to drop a lawsuit that faulted the office for not prosecuting an Arizona police officer in a Navajo woman's death.



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