Gillian Ferris

News Director and Managing Editor

Gillian came to KNAU in 2001 as a freelance reporter after careers as a river cook, baker and teacher. Her first story won an Arizona Associated Press Award. Since then, Gillian has won more than a dozen regional and national Edward R. Murrow Awards for Excellence in feature reporting, writing, editing and documentary work. She served as the local anchor for NPR’s Morning Edition for well over a decade before becoming news director and managing editor at KNAU. As much as she loves reporting, Gillian has found her true soul work in editing and producing other journalists’ work. When not in the newsroom, she’s outside hiking, surfing, playing disc golf, running rivers and hanging out with her beloved dogs and friends.

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Poetry Friday: For Randy Wilson

Jul 13, 2018
Jake Bacon

It’s been almost a week since Randy Wilson, longtime editor of the Arizona Daily Sun, died unexpectedly at the age of 65. During his 23 years at the newspaper, he was a mentor to chief photographer, Jake Bacon, who is, of course, grappling with the loss. In this week’s Poetry Friday, Jake reads Thomas Mordaunt’s "The Call" in Randy’s honor.

Ali Ghozlan

Flagstaff poet Jill Divine is in an “ode phase.” She’s been musing about both the beauty and tragedy of life and believes odes are the perfect way to bring the two together in celebration. In today’s Poetry Friday segment, Jill Divine creates a poetic puzzle for us starting with the title.

Poetry Friday: Remembering 'The Nineteen'

Jun 29, 2018

This week marks five years since 19 Granite Mountain Hotshots were killed fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire. In today’s Poetry Friday segment, KNAU listener Anthony Flesch honors the fallen crew with his poem “The Nineteen.”

Flagstaff Visitor Center

In this week’s Poetry Friday segment, an homage to friendship and hard times. Flagstaff-based poet James Jay creates an amalgamation of characters wrapped up into one real person, long gone now. Here, he reads “Freddy Arizona and the Trains,” a poem of strength, loss, perseverance and honor.

Poetry Friday: A Dad-Daughter Reading With a Surprise Ending

Jun 15, 2018
John Running

It’s Poetry Friday. And in honor of Father’s Day, we have a dad and daughter reading. Matt and Anya Kaplinski of Flagstaff both chose very famous poems to read. But they had surprise poems for each other at the end.

MK: Hi, my  name’s Matt Kaplinski.

AK: Hi, my name is Anya and I’m 7 years old.

MK: I’m gonna read ‘Jabberwocky’ by Lewis Carroll. I like reading the crazy words. 

“Jabberwocky” By Lewis Carroll

’Twas brillig, and the slithy toves

Did gyre and gimble in the wabe: