Arizona Officials Respond to DACA Decision

Sep 5, 2017

More than half of Arizona’s congressional delegation has called on Congress to protect Deferred Action for Childhood Arrival recipients, known as Dreamers. 

Credit Charlie Leight / Associated Press

This comes after President Donald Trump announced his plans to end the program in six months. Republican Senators John McCain and Jeff Flake, and Representative Martha McSally along with all Democratic representatives support federal DACA legislation. Republican Congressman Paul Gosar says he agrees with the President that it’s time to end the program. In addition, higher education officials in the state have come out in support of DACA students. The Arizona Board of Regents has called on Congress to pass legislation to shield DACA recipients from deportation. Northern Arizona University President Rita Cheng says the school’s goal is to educate all students regardless of immigration status, and that Congress must provide legal clarity to DACA students. The presidents of ASU and UA also released statements. At least 2,000 DACA recipients attend Arizona’s universities and community colleges.