Brewer Says No Secret Plan to Win Race Then Resign Over Health Issues

Phoenix, AZ – It started with a blog posting last week by former Democratic
Senate candidate John Dougherty who cited unnamed sources saying
Brewer is ill and is keeping it a secret until she wins the
election when she plans to quit. That would allow Ken Bennett to
become governor if he wins his race as secretary of state; if she
quits now, the line of succession goes to attorney general Terry
Goddard who happens to be her Democratic gubernatorial foe.
Brewer said there's no truth to any of that.

(I know that when you run for governor you make a commitment.
That's why I took it upon myself and told my staff I was going to
the doctor and I was going to have everything that could possibly
be done in an examination. Everything came back perfect, better
than what I had even anticipated. My cholesterol was perfect, my
heart rate was perfect, my blood pressure was perfect.)

No one had written about Dougherty's unsourced postings until the
governor herself put out a release today asserting her good
health. But that didn't stop Chuck Coughlin, her campaign
manager, from blaming Goddard for trying to spread doubt about
the governor's health. His proof? That Goddard plans to release
his own medical records.

(By releasing medical records I still stand on the principle of
the point, Howie, is that they continue to try and go down this
road which is not about the issues, not about governing. It's
about her competency which is ridiculous. It shows him for the
failed leader that he is.)

About the only medical condition Brewer had recently was a broken
blood vessel in her hand around the time of the August primary.
Staffers got her a sling, not they said because it was medically
necessary but to keep people from trying to shake her hand. For
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.