Ducey Plan Will Restore Axed School Maintenance Fund

Jan 9, 2018

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey has announced a plan to fully restore a fund for school maintenance projects that was cut during the recession. KNAU’s Justin Regan has more.  

Credit Deirdre Hamill / AZ Central

The Governor is proposing the more than $370 million fund be phased in by 2023, starting with $100 million for this upcoming fiscal year. He says it’ll provide funding for maintenance projects and educational materials for schools including infrastructure, technology and vehicle maintenance. In addition to restoring the fund, the Governor is also calling for an extra $300 million for K-12 education for this upcoming year. In a tweet, the Governor said it is time to stop paying lawyers and instead pay teachers. He was referencing a lawsuit filed against the state for severely cutting the maintenance fund in 2009.  Some education advocates say the new plan still doesn’t go far enough to address underfunded and overcrowded classrooms.