Governor delaying budget decision

Phoenix, AZ – The package is virtually the same one she vetoed seven weeks ago, saying it slashed education and health spending too deep and
didn't give voters the chance to make up some of the cuts. Since
getting the bills again, gubernatorial press aide Paul Senseman
said Brewer has been talking to lawmakers in hopes of getting a
compromise she can sign -- specifically one that gives her that
sales tax referral. In fact, though, Brewer has been negotiating
with legislators now for months. So what's changed?

(I'm not suggesting that anything has changed at this point in
time. I just am suggesting that those discussions will continue.)

One thing that is different is Brewer now has Democrats in the
same room with the Republicans who control the Legislature but
who have been unable to come up with the votes for her sales tax
plan. Sen. Jay Tibshraeny said he and some other Republicans
believe that's long overdue.

(Myself, Barbara Leff, Nelson as well as the whip, Steve Pierce,
know that to get the referral for the sales tax that we're going
to have to reach across the aisle because obviously it can't get
done within our caucus within the Senate.)

Senseman said a decision from Brewer on the budget is unlikely
before at least Monday. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard