Investigation Finds Former AG Tom Horne Violated Campaign Laws

Oct 17, 2017

A three-year investigation of former Arizona Attorney General Tom Horne has found he used his office staff to work on his failed 2014 re-election effort but that no criminal charges are warranted and he won't have to pay back additional money.

Credit Tom Tingle / AZ Central

The investigation by former Gilbert Town Attorney Michael Hamblin and retired Court of Appeals Judge Daniel A. Barker followed a complaint to the secretary of state's office. They were appointed as special attorneys general.

Their decision orders Horne to refile his 2014 campaign finance reports to show the value of the work done by his office staff and market value of rent on a campaign office.

But the order said a $10,000 fine Horne paid to the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission to settle the same allegations was "sufficient."