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NAU/Jackie Thomas

Scientists are trying to project what mule deer on the Kaibab Plateau might need in order to survive a changing climate. The herd lives on a forested "sky island" - an elevated area surrounded by different low-land environments. If the future holds warmer, drier conditions, how would food sources and hiding places change for the deer? That's what Spatial Ecologist Jackie Thomas is trying to find out.

KNAU is experiencing technical difficulties with our 102.7 transmitter serving the city of Page.  Our technician in the area is working on the problem and we hope it will be a relatively easy fix.  Until we determine exactly the problem it would be unwise to speculate on a timetable to return to the air.  Depending on your location it may be possible to hear us on 91.7  and we’re streaming at  Thank you for your patience.