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Patty Larkin: Haunted Songs

Singer-songwriter Patty Larkin is a proficient multi-instrumentalist who shows off her abilities in a session on World Cafe. Here, Larkin tells host Michaela Majoun a great story about her experience at a haunted bed-and-breakfast in Western Massachusetts that inspired her to write "Walking in My Sleep," which she then sings live.

From her beginnings on the Northeast folk scene to her present career as a nationally renowned performer, Larkin has spent two decades mixing thoughtful lyrics with an instrumental artistry rooted in a variety of formal training.

Between her roots in classical piano and her jazz-guitar education at the Berklee College of Music, it would be easy for Larkin to fall back on technical prowess and ability to experiment with instruments such as the "baribow" (a baritone guitar played with a violin bow). But she's equally renowned for her witty lyrics, which have helped her carve out a career that now spans 10 solo albums. The latest — which she wrote, produced, engineered, and edited — is titled Watch the Sky.

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