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Clinton to Join Obama on N.H. Campaign Stop

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Now from the Congressman who bikes to the Capitol to two senators who have crisscrossed the country campaigning against each other. We're talking the presumptive Democratic nominee, Barack Obama, and his former rival, Hillary Clinton. The two are now traveling together this Friday to Unity, New Hampshire.


It's their first joint public appearance since Clinton officially suspended her campaign and threw her support to Obama. But why Unity, New Hampshire?

MONTAGNE: Well, that's an easy one. Both candidates received exactly 107 votes in Unity. And then there's the name, which inspires unity.

SHAPIRO: So we were thinking: What other towns might have brought the candidates together?

MONTAGNE: There's Fair Play, California.

SHAPIRO: Hope, Kansas. Friendly, West Virginia. There's Olive Branch, Mississippi.

MONTAGNE: And Harmony, California. Then there are the places that express the rivalry and discord of the primaries.

SHAPIRO: Like Defeated, Tennessee. Squabbletown…

MONTAGNE: …California, that would be, and Satan's Kingdom, Vermont. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.

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