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From Down Under To Spaceland

What do Beck, Foo Fighters and Silversun Pickups have in common? They all got their start by performing at Spaceland, a club in Los Angeles.

It's a big deal for any artist to get on Spaceland's marquee. But not all of the club's performers have established reputations: Each month, Spaceland selects an up-and-coming artist to perform free on Mondays. For July, Spaceland is featuring Andy Clockwise, an indie-rock musician from Australia. Clockwise recently talked with NPR's Madeleine Brand about his career and living in L.A.

"I like a challenge," Clockwise says. "I don't like to necessarily be playing to people who know my music all the time." Clockwise adds that he doesn't mind playing the concerts free: "I'd be doing it anyway," he says.

Clockwise originally came to L.A. to meet with his managers, but then he decided to stay. Immersed in the city's diverse music scene, Clockwise has made friends with people who represent musical genres he'd been exposed to in Australia.

"In Australia, I have all those influences, but it's all sort of secondary. And now it's all primary and I love it," he says. "It's really informed what I've been doing."

After his stint at Spaceland is over, Clockwise says he plans to travel the U.S.

"I'm a total Americanophile," he says. "I love everything U.S.A."

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