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RJD2 On World Cafe

Colossus marks a departure from the comparatively traditional pop-rock sound of RJD2's 2007 album The Third Hand. His pop influences surface on tracks such as "The Glow," but his textures are driven by kick and snare patterns that resemble the hip-hop of his earlier work. In a session from World Cafe, RJD2 demonstrates the process of creating sample-based music, using one of his own songs, "The Stranger." (Watch the demonstration in the video on this page.)

With Colossus, RJD2 has become more sophisticated in integrating his assorted tastes, but the album preserves the sound which made him an underground star. It features collaborations with a series of top-notch artists, including Kenna and The Catalyst.

This Segment Originally Ran On May 5, 2010

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