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Top Stories: Arab League Chief To Address U.N.; 'Buffett Rule' Moves In Senate

Good morning!

Our early headlines:

-- For Third Straight Month, Home Prices Dropped In November

-- Italian Authorities Call Off Search For Missing In Costa Shipwreck

-- Stephen Colbert Says His SuperPAC Raised $1 Million

-- VIDEO: Mitt Romney Sings 'America The Beautiful'

-- As Florida Votes, Polls Put Mitt Romney Comfortably Ahead

Other stories making headlines this morning:

-- "Arab League head to address U.N. on Syria" (CNN)

-- "Insider Trading Bill and 'Buffett Rule' Advance in Senate" (The New York Times)

-- "Europe's new fiscal pact raises hopes" (The Financial Times)

-- "In South Sudan, a wave of tribal killings tests fragile independence" (The Washington Post)

-- "Move to shelter 3 Americans points up U.S. rift with Egypt" (The Los Angeles Times)

-- "Refusing to Back Down on Gay Marriage Stance, Christie Rips Lawmaker With Slang Term" (WNYC)

-- "Occupy DC Stays Put, Heads To Court Today" (WAMU)

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Eyder Peralta is NPR's East Africa correspondent based in Nairobi, Kenya.