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Voices Of Support From The Romney-Ryan Announcement


The campaign launched its first event with Ryan on the ticket in front of an excited crowd of supporters in Norfolk, Virginia.


WERTHEIMER: Virginia voted for Barack Obama four years ago, but the Romney-Ryan campaign is working hard to win the state this November. If the crowd at the event was any indication, the decision has energized the Republican base. Durwood Warrenburg(ph) was there. He's a retiree from Portsmouth, Virginia. He said he likes Ryan's commitment to conservative principles.

DURWOOD WARRENBURG: We got somebody, finally, that's got some fire in his belly. His convictions - he's for America, he's for the Constitution. He's for all the greatness that has made America and he has no quibbles about holding back.

WERTHEIMER: People in the crowd also said they liked Ryan's experience with the budget. Marvin Brangan(ph) is from Norfolk, where he works as a tax accountant, and that's obviously part of the reason why fiscal issues are so important to him, and one of the reasons he likes Ryan.

MARVIN BRANGAN: With his experience and his knowledge, especially in handling budget matters, I think is something the country drastically needs.

WERTHEIMER: Also in the crowd was Steve Packard, who works for an oil company. He told NPR's Ari Shapiro that he like Ryan's approach to the budget.

STEVE PACKARD: I think that Barack Obama is a problem creator and Mitt Romney is a problem solver.

ARI SHAPIRO, BYLINE: And how do you feel about Paul Ryan?

PACKARD: Oh, I think Paul Ryan's going to be great guy, bringing a strong fiscal conservatism. Can't go wrong.

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