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Trixie Whitley On World Cafe

Trixie Whitley.
Courtesy of the artist
Trixie Whitley.

At 25 years old, Trixie Whitley is already a veteran of the music industry. Growing up, she toured the world with her late father, singer-songwriter Chris Whitley, and gained repute as a DJ in Europe, spinning records in Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris and New York City.

Whitley established her jazz and alt-rock tendencies on her first album, Strong Blood, in 2008, and garnered attention after touring with Daniel Lanois' Black Dub in 2010. Since then, Whitley has created buzz with emotionally compelling songs, fueled by passionate honesty and searing guitar and piano. She released her latest EP, Fourth Corner, earlier this year.

Here, she performs songs from Fourth Corner and talks with host David Dye about her musical upbringing.

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