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'Forrest Gump'-Inspired Runner Crosses The U.S. For Charity


The movie "Forrest Gump" came out more than 20 years ago and it's still inspiring people.


UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: (As reporter) Why are you running?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: ( As reporter) Are you doing this for world peace?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: (As reporter) Are you doing this for the homeless?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: (As reporter) Are you running for women's rights?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: (As reporter) Or for the environment?

UNIDENTIFIED ACTOR: (As reporter) Or for animals?

TOM HANKS: (As Forrest Gump) They just couldn't believe that somebody would do all that running for no particular reason.

UNIDENTIFIED ACTRESS: (As reporter) Why are you doing this?

HANKS: (As Forrest Gump) I just felt like running. I just felt like running.

GOODWYN: In the movie, Forrest Gump runs across America, as the character puts it, for no particular reason. Well, now 23-year-old Barclay Oudersluys from Birmingham, Mich., is running across the country to raise money to fight poverty around the world. He hopes to raise $10,000 for the Hall Steps Foundation, which was founded by two professional distance runners. The route will take Mr. Oudersluys through 14 states - that is if he can keep up with his pace of 33 miles a day. He's been running for more than 60 days, and he hopes to finish by the middle of August. All we can say is run, Barclay, run. Transcript provided by NPR, Copyright NPR.