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Corporation for Public Broadcasting Compliance

KNAU has been a public service of Northern Arizona University for more than 30 years.  Since signing on in 1983, KNAU has expanded to serve the greater northern Arizona region, providing two programming streams, Classical Music and NPR News and Talk.  KNAU is constantly striving to better serve northern Arizona by improving radio signals to outlying areas.  Since 1983, we have constructed 13 transmitters and, in 2008, started construction on a satellite interconnection system. Over the years, KNAU’s news department has won dozens of Edward R. Murrow awards for news writing, best newsroom, and best feature news stories.  

In compliance with CPB's transparency requirements we are pleased to provide the following disclosures and information.

Executive Staff

KNAU is a public service of Northern Arizona University governed by the Arizona Board of Regents

CPB Annual Financial Report

Annual Financial Statements


Approved SAS Report

IRS990 Section VII – key employee – no employees meet reportable criteria

Annual Local Content and Services Report - section 6

FCC Public Files are available at the bottom of our website.  If you require assistance accessing these files, please contact Shelly Watkins at 928 523 8734.



KNAU Arizona Public Radio Statement of Diversity

KNAU is a public service of Northern Arizona University and serves northern Arizona including the Navajo and Hopi Reservations. We are the premier source of balanced, accurate, information, civilized discourse and cultural inspiration in northern Arizona. We reflect the distinctive and diverse qualities of our region and operate in efficient and sustainable ways.  KNAU knows that a diverse workforce and management team contribute greatly to our knowledge and understanding of northern Arizona’s diverse communities.  Such understanding is central to our ability to deliver content and services that will help us attract, grow and engage audiences and foster a sense of community. KNAU is committed to recruiting from a broad pool of candidates, allowing us to hire and promote qualified employees with a variety of cultural and ethnic backgrounds, personal experiences and characteristics, and talents that reasonably reflect the diverse needs and interests of the communities served by KNAU.

Additionally, the Corporation for Public Broadcasting’s (CPB) Diversity Edibility Criteria require public media organizations to adopt formal goals for diversity and to report annually on steps taken to work toward those goals. These actions are required for all stations receiving Community Service Grants funds (CSG).

We will reflect the diversity of the internal and external communities we serve and the audiences we attract:

·         By providing equal opportunity and non-discrimination  in employment

By affirmatively recruiting women, minorities, individuals with disabilities, and veterans to apply for open positions

By working towards achieving diversity of management and staff that reflects the diversity in our respective recruitment areas

·         By educating our management and staff annually in best practices for maintaining an inclusive and diverse environment for all

·         Through our workplace culture and executive leadership

·         By facilitating sustainability through individual and corporate partnerships

·         By aligning with businesses and organizations with shared values

·         Through our commitment to producing the highest quality original journalism

·         By developing a more diverse future workforce with professional skills in the broadcasting/media industry by recruiting diverse candidates for KNAU internship opportunities  

Diversity Goal:KNAU will document and measure annual progress toward the dimensions of diversity outlined in our statement and report results in our Annual Report.