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Dead or Alive: Ghost Towns

Dead or Alive Part V: The Wild Roses of Chloride

Jim Hinckley
It has been more than a century since trains stopped in Chloride.

Flagstaff, AZ – Today, KNAU concludes our series Dead or Alive, a look at Arizona's ghost towns why we're drawn to them, and what we can learn from them.

Historians see 19th century mining towns as places where the world was often turned upside down. And where people were free to live outside society's norms. In a little town north of Kingman, the Wild Roses, an all female gunfighting group, is proving that ghost towns continue to be places to dream. Every other Saturday at high noon, they put on a show for tourists in the center of Chloride.

Our series Dead or Alive was funded in part by the Arizona Humanities Council. It was recorded and produced by Diane Hope, and co-produced by Daniel Kraker. John Stark was executive producer. Our theme music was performed by Bob Parker.