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Napolitano Trespassing Veto

By Howard Fischer

Phoenix, AZ – The veto was no real surprise. The governor had
telegraphed her views last week by releasing letters
from law enforcement groups, prosecutors and mayors
saying they thought it would take police away from
dealing with other major crimes. But Sen. Barbara Leff
said those letters don't reflect the views of rank and
file police officers who say they need a state law to
be able to stop, question, detain and arrest illegal
immigrants. Leff said without a state law, police can
do little but release these people if Border Patrol
officers are unavailable to pick them up.

(So I think that anybody whose community, whose
neighborhood has a drop house that's been raided, when
police let those people go back into your community,
you can send a thank you note to the governor because
it's because of her veto that these people will be
running through your neighborhoods.)

In her veto, Napolitano also questioned whether the
state can make someone's presence in this country in
violation of federal immigration law a state crime. She
noted a New Hampshire judge blocked some communities in
that state from charging illegal immigrants with
trespass. But Sen. Ron Gould chided the governor for
her attitude.

(I guess if they raid a drop house we should just hope
the illegal immigrants jaywalk and then we'll be able
to charge them with a state crime.)

In Phoenix, for Arizona Public Radio this is Howard