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Dems for Education Super

By Howard Fischer

Phoenix, AZ – In fact, Slade Mead and Jason Williams found a lot of
common ground. For example, both oppose the use of the
AIMS test as a graduation requirement -- something
pushed by incumbent Republican Tom Horne to ensure a
diploma means students have learned what they were
supposed to learn. Mead called the whole thing a

(They cut the math high school AIMS test from a 70
percent to 59 percent for passage. He doesn't tell you
that part of the story. They eliminate third year math
questions, high school math questions. He doesn't tell
you about that part of the story.)

Horne later told Arizona Public Radio the change in
passing score was done over his objection, as was a
state law to give students bonus points for passing
high school courses. Where the two Democrats differ is
background, with Williams saying he has the edge having
been a teacher.

(I really think we have to ask ourselves the question
of who should lead Arizona's schools moving forward,
another politician or an experienced educator. And we
can no longer afford to fail thousands of our children
every year.)

Mead is a sports agent but noted he has been on a
school board and was a legislator for two years serving
on the Senate Education Committee. In Tempe, for
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.