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Edge of the Rez 928 Part 2

By Daniel Kraker

Flagstaff, AZ – This is Part 2 of a special Edge of the Rez edition of 9-2-8, KNAU's monthly radio listening post. This program wrapped up the Edge of the Rez series, a collaboration between KNAU and the Arizona Daily Sun. We brought together a panel of guests to discuss some of the issues raised in the series, issues that arise when cultures come together in towns like Flagstaff that border the Navajo and Hopi reservations, at the edge of the rez.

Forum guests:

1. Loris Taylor, director of the Center for Native American Public Radio and longtime Flagstaff resident, Hopi tribal member.
2. Dexter Albert, works for Intrinsic Consulting in Flagstaff, a member of the Coconino County Intertribal Advisory Council, Navajo tribal member.
3. Alan Afeldt, mayor of Winslow and owner of La Posada Hotel.
4. Randy Wilson, editor of the Arizona Daily Sun, KNAU's partner for the Edge of the Rez series
5. Bob Breunig, director of the Museum of Northern Arizona
6. Leonard Chee, Navajo Nation council delegate from the Leupp area east of Flagstaff.