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6th District State Senate Race Attracts Most Outside Money

The State Senate Race for the 6th District is attracting a great deal of money from independent organizations….more than any other state race.

The Campaigns to win the 6th District State Senate seat have attracted a total of nearly $200,000 in outside money.

The newly drawn 6th district includes much of what were Districts 1 and 5 along with a piece of the former District two.

It runs from Flagstaff to Cottonwood, to Holbrook to northeast of Phoenix.

The two candidates, Democrat Tom Chabin and Republican Chester Crandell are currently members of the State House of Representatives

Chabin of District 2, Crandell of District 5.

Both are Clean Elections Candidates, meaning they each receive about $36,000 in state money for their campaigns.

But independent groups supporting Chabin have spent nearly $88,000 to get him elected.

The money comes mostly from Revitalize Arizona and the Arizona Accountability Project and has paid for TV ads and mailings.

The Republican Victory Fund has spent nearly as much, about $80,000 trying to defeat him.

Republican Chester Crandell hasn’t attracted nearly the support or the opposition.

Groups backing him have spent about $23,000, and about half of that has come from the Arizona Association of Realtors Leadership Committee.

Revitalize Arizona has spent more than $6,000 to defeat him.

The next most expensive race in terms of outside independent money is the one for District 18 in Phoenix.….the seat Senator Russell Pearce used to hold.

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