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Governor's PAC Boosts Flake's Warchest

Gov. Jan Brewer’s Political Action Committee, JanPAC, has delivered a nearly $100,000 infusion into Republican Jeff Flake’s campaign to become the state's next U.S. senator.

Reports filed with the Federal Elections Commission show Jan PAC spent $99,998.72 printing and sending out a mailer promoting Flake over Democrat Richard Carmona.

The governor's spending, coming just two weeks before the election, could be crucial.

Polls have shown Carmona, a political newcomer, could be within striking distance of Flake despite the Republican voters have in Arizona. JanPAC spokesman Paul Senseman said his boss believes she needed to add her cash to ensure there is not a Carmona victory.

"She is very fond of Congressman Flake (and) believes his record and his approach to problem solving is exactly what we need in Washington, D.C.,'' Senseman said.

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