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Uranium Mining Near Canyon Subject of AZ Senate Debate in Yuma

Senate candidates, Democrat Rich Carmona and Republican Jeff Flake held their last debate Thursday in Yuma.

The focus of the debate, sponsored by KAWC in Yuma was rural issues.

And the democrat and republican agreed on many items such as guest visa and immigration reform.

They also agreed that Arizona’s delegation must stand strong when it comes to maintaining its water allocation.

But democrat Rich Carmona took the issue of the state’s water a step further.

“But where we do disagree is that where Congressman Flake wants to mine for uranium in the Grand Canyon watershed which has the potential for contaminating our water and putting 25 million people at risk who use that water every day," Carmona said.

To which, the 6 term Republican Congressman responded, “We’re talking about mining in the Arizona strip, not the Grand Canyon.”

But Democrat Carmona he was referring to the Grand Canyon watershed which extends far beyond the national park.

“And it’s a risk to all of us because 25 million people rely on that aquifer and that watershed to provide water for this area and California and other areas," he said.

This race is very close with some polls showing Flake up by 6 and others showing Carmona up by 4.

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