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Wife of Federal Judge Killed in Tucson Speaks Out

By Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez

Phoenix, AZ – Maureen Roll says her life was shattered when her husband of 40 years was killed that Saturday. In a letter to the community she thanks everyone for their support. She writes - 'When a tragedy like this takes place, we come together as a people.' Roll speaks of the support of her neighbors, saying 'On the evening of this tragedy, I looked out our front window to see two small lighted votive candles sitting on our fountain. I have no idea which neighbor committed this small act of kindness, but I certainly felt their concern for my family and me.'

Judge John Roll was a the chief federal judge in Arizona. He was among the six people killed while attending Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords Congress on Your Corner event outside a Safeway store.

In Phx, I'm Nadine Arroyo Rodriguez