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Panel passes new mandate on informed consent

By Howard Fischer

Phoenix – Rep. Pamela Gorman wants a provision in state law that tells women who are at least 20 weeks pregnant that an abortion will cause physical pain to their unborn child. Gorman said that is backed by medical evidence.

(They move away from equipment. Their heart rate increases. Their body starts releasing hormones like crazy because something's going on, what's happening. So we know that they're registering just from the salt that enters the womb. But when they begin pulling off the limbs -- which is how the procedure works without being too gruesome -- I don't see how any of us can sit here knowing that this child, I'm sorry, the unborn human, not only experiences pain like we do but quite a bit more.)

Gorman said she's not trying to deter women from terminating their pregnancies but simply giving them information they need -- quote -- so they're not crushed later. No one testified in person against the measure when it came before the House Health Committee. But Michelle Steinberg, a lobbyist for Planned Parenthood of Central and Northern Arizona submitted a written objection saying the bill -- puts women's
health at risk by requiring physicians to provide patients with erroneous information, information that is generally rejected by the medical community. Wednesday's 5-1 vote now sends the measure to the House Judiciary Committee. In Phoenix, for Arizona Public Radio, this is Howard Fischer.