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Carpenter announces for Governor

(Capitol Media Services photo by Howard Fischer)
State Rep. Ted Carpenter, R-Phoenix, announced his bid Thursday to be the Republican candidate for governor. The four-term state legislator said he has more experience getting elected than others in the GOP primary.

By Howard Fischer

Carpenter announces for Governor

Phoenix – Phoenix legislator Ted Carpenter cited his eight years in the House of Representatives and 14 years as a member of the Deer Valley school board. He joins what is becoming an increasingly crowded field. So we asked him why should people vote for him?

(I think I'm the only candidate out there who can really unify the Republican party as well as the independents, to vote for a good candidate and a good governor. And I think I can have that unifying quality, where I think that's greater than the other candidates that are out there.)

Yes, but how do your views differ from the other six already announced Republicans?

(I am out there getting $5 donations. I'm out there getting signatures required to file for the candidacy and for the race. And that's my main objective right now. I'll have answers for all those other questions later, at a different time.)

If Carpenter can get the requisite number of those $5 donations he will be able to run his race with public money. The survivor of the GOP primary will face off against incumbent Democrat Janet Napolitano. In Phoenix, for Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.