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Candidates Forum Affordable Housing

By Theresa Bierer

April 18, 2008 – Candidates for Flagstaff City Council and Mayor agree affordable housing is an important issue for the community. They agreed the city should take a role to increase affordable housing options but candidates had widely differing views on how to create that change.

The forum was sponsored by Both Hands, a not for profit agency working to help families achieve home ownership.

The comments are from councilman Al White who is seeking reelection, Karla Brewster, Coral Evans, Morgan Hagaman, Mayoral challenger Sara Presler-Hoefle, John McCullouch, John Grayhame(on behalf of Mayor Joe Donaldson who was out of town) and Micole Shorty. The question here... Should Impact Fees be waived for affordable housing projects. Respondents: Hagaman, White, Pessler-Hofle, Shorty, mcCullouch, Brewster & Evans.