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NAU and CCC Streamline Transfer Process

By Laurel Morales

Flagstaff, AZ – NAU President John Haeger explains that essentially a student who walks through the doors at CCC this fall will also be a student at NAU. The program is called CCC2NAU. It responds to calls from several state officials to double the number of bachelor's degrees awarded in the state by 2020.

Arizona has one of the lowest high school graduation rates and one of the lowest rates of students moving on to college. Last year out of a hundred ninth graders in the state only nine moved onto higher education.

The collaborative effort comes after discussions of making Arizona community colleges four-year institutions in competition with universities. CCC President Leah Bornstein and NAU President Haeger say they don't want to compete.

HAEGER: We're not in competition. That has to be set aside. What drives this is what is in the best interest of students. What's in the best interest of students is that we partner to provide educational opportunities instead of setting up some dichotomy between the two institutions.

BORNSTEIN: And if you look at the mission of the university and the mission of the community college there are some very distinct and separate areas but there is an area of overlap and that happens to be the first two years of higher education. And how do we partner in the best possible way?

CCC-2-NAU won't cost students any more than their regular tuition. New CCC students who don't already have a baccalaureate degree qualify for the program this fall. Those who register for the program will receive advising, an NAU ID along with access to other services.

Haeger says in the past universities have made transferring from community college a difficult experience. He says this new program should make that transfer process seamless.

For Arizona Public Radio I'm Laurel Morales in Flagstaff.