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1st Congressional District Profiles: Ann Kirkpatrick Called Dem Frontrunner


By Laurel Morales

Jerome, AZ – Arizona 1st Congressional District candidate Ann Kirkpatrick is focusing her campaign on a district-wide tour that includes small businesses, senior centers and the reservations. Kirkpatrick is considered by some in the Democratic Party as the frontrunner in the campaign.

The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee has reserved about $1.5 million in TV time for her television ads. That is considerably more than what they've raised for other candidates in the past.

Maryland Congressman Chris Van Hollen chairs the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee, which lists Kirkpatrick on their red to blue program. That is the list of currently Republican or open districts with Democratic candidates who have a decent shot of taking the seat.

"It's a very important seat because in order to really implement an agenda for change, in order to move this country in a new direction on health care, on trying to address the chronic problems in the economy and the economic pain people are feeling, we need a working majority," Van Hollen said.

In the meantime, Kirkpatrick reminds voters, she's not taking anything for granted.

As part of her district tour, Kirkpatrick is emphasizing healthcare, immigration, and fiscal responsibility. She also assured voters that she will support transparency and ethical behavior in government. Kirkpatrick is running for the seat vacated by Rick Renzi, who has been indicted on corruption charges.