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Brewer Signs Immigration Bill

Phoenix, AZ – The most controversial part of the measure could amount to a
requirement to carry identification or risk being detained. It
says that when police officers make an official contact with
anyone, a -- quote -- reasonable attempt shall be made, when
practicable, to determine the immigration status of the person.
It also permits race to be used as a factor, though not the sole
one. Brewer said that doesn't mean there will be racial

(We have to trust our law enforcement. It's a simple reality.)

She also said those who fear it will be an excuse to go after
Hispanics are being alarmist.

(If it's handled properly, the people of Arizona come together,
if everybody is armed with the right information, this can
happen, this can work.)

And she said it also presumes that police will abuse the law.

(Police officers are going to be respectful. They understand what
their jobs are. They've taken an oath. And racial profiling is

But several groups contending the measure is unconstitutional
already have vowed to sue before it takes effect in August. For
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.