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Flagstaff Voters Voice Opinion on Prop 100

By Katelyn Seabury

Flagstaff, AZ – On another windy day in Flagstaff, a steady stream of people exit a polling place at the Radisson Woodlands Hotel on Route 66.

David Felt was one of several people who voted yes on proposition 100.

I have five kids, I want to keep public education funded. We need to keep the economy running, I agree with that, but we also need to make sure our kids have the education needed.

At the Murdoch Community Center, NAU student Jantzen Claybaugh said he isn't worried about the budget cuts NAU would face if it doesn't pass.

I decided to vote no on it because a one percent increase in taxes is money that we don't really need to spend and even though it's only for three years I feel it would be extended. And personally, I don't like paying sales tax.

If proposition 100 does pass it will take effect June first. If it fails, Governor Brewer and lawmakers have already passed a contingency budget with one billion dollars in additional cuts. For Arizona Public Radio, I'm Katelyn Seabury in Flagstaff.