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Temporary Sales Tax Takes Effect June 1st

By Mark Brodie

Phoenix, AZ – The sales tax will go from five point six percent to six point six percent, starting next month. Two-thirds of the money is scheduled to go to education programs, with the rest set aside for health and human services and public safety. Some critics worry that lawmakers will cut other state support for those programs, and make up the difference with the new tax money. But Arizona Education Association President John Wright says that would be a bad move.

(I think any lawmaker considering that sort of supplanting move needs to look at the polls tonight, and recognize that would be their political death wish.) :09

Wright says he doesn't think the big fundraising advantage supporters enjoyed played a major role in Tuesday's results they raised more than two million dollars, while opponents raised around 12-hundred. But Tom Jenney, Arizona director of Americans for Prosperity, disputes that.

(I think the reality is that in politics you need to have a certain amount of money to get your message out there and the grassroots, the taxpayer side of this debate really had no money.) :10

The higher tax rate will take effect on June first and will expire on May 31st, 2013. For Arizona Public Radio, I'm Mark Brodie in Phoenix.