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Arizona Department of Revenue Sends Letters to Businesses Teeling them New Sales Tax Takes Effect in Two Weeks

Phoenix, AZ – By approving Proposition 100, Arizona voters decided to raise the state sales tax rate from five point six percent to six point six percent for three years starting on June first. Anthony Forschino, Assistant Director for the state Revenue Department, says the agency sent out letters Tuesday telling businesses about the election, and where to find information on what to do if voters approved the tax hike.

(It said, if it passes, here are some questions and answers you need to know, and here is the new rate table so that you can start knowing how to start programming your systems for the new rate table.) :13

Forschino says the taxes businesses collect in June will be paid to the state in July and that his agency should know how much extra money the increased tax brought in by the end of that month, or early August.
For Arizona Public Radio I'm Mark Brodie in Phoenix.