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Brewer coasts to easy victory in Republican primary

Phoenix, AZ – Brewer had no problem outpolling the one remaining active
candidate in the race, political newcomer Matt Jette. Buz Mills
who suspended his campaign after spending $3.3 million but did
not pull out, fared little better. That paves the way for Brewer
to fend off a challenge from Terry Goddard who was unopposed in
the Democratic primary. In a speech Tuesday night to partisans,
Brewer sought to paint a picture of Goddard she believes Arizona
voters won't like by raising the specter of those Republicans
love to hate.

(President Obama is doing to this country exactly what Janet
Napolitano did to Arizona. Spending beyond our means, growing
entitlement programs and being the voice of organized labor.
Arizona knows full well that my general election opponent is cut
from the very same cloth as the president and the former

Brewer said she provides a much different choice for voters. But
how much chance they have to directly compare her and Goddard
remains unclear. Brewer said the only debate she'll definitely
have with her Democratic foe is the one a week from today -- the
one she's legally required to attend because she's running for
office with public funds. For Arizona Public Radio this is Howard