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Brewer May Debate Goddard Again

Phoenix, AZ – Brewer had to participate in one -- and only one -- debate last
month by virtue of taking public funds for her campaign. Since
that time, her Democratic foe has been hoping for another crack
at her. But the governor conceded that her decision to avoid
another confrontation is purely political: She continues to lead
in the polls.

(Maybe we would debate if my numbers started dropping
dramatically. And, of course, I'm working hard to see that they
don't drop dramatically.)

The last statewide survey, taken by Rasmussen Reports, showed
Brewer with the backing of 60 percent of those questioned.
Goddard was far behind at 38 percent. and that was even after
Brewer's gaffes during last month's debate where she verbally
stumbled, went silent for seconds and mangled her grammar. Brewer
said her reticence to debate Goddard again should come as no

(We made that decision long ago. We put our campaign plan out,
determined where and how we were going to run that campaign. So
far, we've been right on the game. And I'm winning.)

And what if Goddard is disappointed?

(And you think I care?)

Goddard declined to respond to the governor's comments. For
Arizona Public Radio this is Howard Fischer.