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Three Tornado Touchdowns Being Reported

By Katelyn Seabury

Flagstaff, AZ – The Arizona Department of Public Safely has confirmed three tornadoes have touched down near Bellemont, west of Flagstaff.
Minor injuries have been reported.
Reports have come into KNAU of overturned semi-truck and derailed trains. Passenger vehicles were also blown off the road. Interstate 40 is closed east and west bound between mile post 190 and Parks intermittently to clean up debris and damage. A campground near Parks was also reporting severe damage and other Parks residents are reporting power outages. Fifteen homes in Bellmont are also reporting severe damage.
KNAU is working to bring you the latest on the storms.
The Red Cross is in the process of setting up a shelter for those who have been evacuated. An emergency hot-line has been set up 1-888-679-8393.