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Obama and First Lady to Arrive in Tucson this Afternoon

Tucson, AZ – Hours before the president is even scheduled to speak, several thousand people have already lined up for the hastily organized event.
At a long table, people are also writing their thoughts down on a long paper chain carefully being put together by volunteers.
Tucsonan Drew Hellsey was carefully stenciling the word "Peace" on a blue strip of construction paper.
I've been following the story since about right when it was released, actually before they even announced that she was one of the ones who was shot."
The she of course is Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords who was shot Saturday morning in a killing spree that left six people dead and another 14 wounded. The congresswoman remains in the hospital, and doctors say she is showing signs of responsiveness.
The president is scheduled to address the nation from the McKale Center on the U of A campus at 6 o'clock.
In Tucson, I'm Michel Marizco.