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Gosar meets with Flagstaff constituents


By Theresa Bierer

Flagstaff, AZ – More than two hundred people packed the Flagstaff Adult Center meeting room, many sitting on the floor to hear Paul Gosar. He detailed his first three weeks in Washington D.C., saying congress will rework health care reform because "Obamacare" needs to go away.

"There are some good things in that bill but you can't allow the bill to stand especially when it allows a bureaucrat to stand in the way of a decision between you and your health care."

Health care was part of the wide range of questions filling the more than 90 minutes of Q and A, along with Egypt, uranium mining at the Grand Canyon, and help for flooding victims near the Schultz Fire burn area.

The town hall was the first opportunity Peggy Pavlich has had to hear Gosar and she left with the impression he would serve the diverse district well.

"I got the impression that he cares about local control and people versus the federal government running our lives. so I don't see how that can work against anybody no matter where you are in the district."

Among the high school and college students in the audience, was NAU Nursing student Kari Moulian, who appreciates the town hall format.

"i think it's a great democratic way for people to voice their opinions and come and actually speak one on one with a congressperson who can take it back to a place where bills and things are passed."

And Gosar promised many more of these face to face meetings, thanks in part to a new congressional schedule, creating more options for lawmakers to return to their districts.

"I think one of the things people want, especially in this district is hands on. it's very evident, we're kind of old fashioned and god love it for being old fashioned. I'll meet my part of the bargain, and obviously we're seeing the public rewarding that behavior."

At last night's meeting, the freshman congressman unveiled a plan for his website called Idea Ranch, where constituents can participate in dialogues, including possible solutions for the nation's budget deficits.