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Head of Grand Canyon National Park voices opposition to Tusayan development plans

By Claudine LoMonaco

Tusayan, AZ – Grand Canyon Park Superintendent Dave Uberaga has asked Tusayan's town council to postpone approval of a large-scale development project. Tusayan is a small tourist town a few miles south of the Canyon.

Uberaga said he wanted developers to release more information about the size of the project and its impact on local services and the environment. He said he's particularly concerned about potential plans to pump local ground water.

IN: "the seeps and springs in and around the south rim could be impacted significantly by any depletion or contamination of those ground waters. That's kind of the lifeblood for the community, and not just for them, but the native plant and wildlife as well.

Uberaga addressed Tusayan's town council at a planning and zoning meeting last night.

For Arizona Public Radio, I'm Claudine LoMonaco