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Corporation Commission Winning Candidates All Received Outside Money

Campaign finance reports filed late last week show the three winners in the statewide Corporation Commission race were the only candidates to receive outside money.  They all received the same amount from the same organizations.

The three republicans who won seats on the Corporation Commission in the last election all received $67,221 from Independent Expenditure organizations.

The amount was not much in an election known for hundreds of thousands of dollars being spent on state senate seats.

But what’s interesting is where the money came from.

The largest spending independent group gave each of the candidates more than $62,000.

The group is called The Taxpayers’ Voice Fund, and it’s based in Scottsdale.

It had precisely two groups behind the money it doled out.

Exelon the nuclear and natural gas corporation, regulated by the Corporation Commission,  gave the Taxpayers’ Voice fund $10,000.

But the National Association of Realtors gave it $188,470.

All divided three ways.

Again, $67,221 wasn’t much in this last election, but in the case of the candiates, it was equivalent to about 25% of what they raised themselves.

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