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SuperPACS Spent Big in AZ


Three Congressional campaigns in Arizona were some of the most expensive in the country during November’s election.

One way to gauge the importance of a Congressional race is to see how much money groups spend to win it.

And with retiring Republican Senator John Kyl’s seat up for grabs, both liberals and conservatives thought they had a shot at it.

According to Federal Election reports,  his seat was the sixth most costly for SuperPACs.

That’s out of 33 Senate seats up for election last month.

All told, independent organizations spent nearly $23,000,000 to secure Kyl’s seat.

Those SuperPACs spent more than $12,000,000 on behalf of the man who won, Republican Jeff Flake. 

Groups supporting Democrat Richard Carmona spent more than $9,000,000.

Other seats that had the attention of the national parties were those won by Democrats Ann Kirkpatrick and Kyrsten Sinema.

Of all the US house seats up for election this year, Arizona’s Districts 1 and 9 were in the top 5% in terms of SuperPAC spending.

Groups spent more than $6,000,000 on each race.

Each contest received more from SuperPACs than the bottom 150 US House races combined.

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