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Female Broadcasters Make State History


This weekend, the campus television station at Northern Arizona University will make Arizona history by featuring an all-female broadcast team. Arizona Public Radio's Theresa Bierer reports.

When the NAU Women's basketball team takes on Sacramento State Saturday, the game will be carried live on Fox College Sports and Fox Sports Arizona. And for the first time in state history, the broadcasters are all female.

NAU TV senior producer Cynthia Catizone will be directing the show. She credits Title IX for elevating the careers of female broadcasters, as well as athletes. "I believe Title IX has changed the face of women's sports", Catizone says. "I think it was a little difficult for women to be established in the business or to be on a broadcast team."

Title IX was enacted 41 years ago to create equity in higher education and intercollegiate athletics. The legislation created opportunities in sports and coaching for countless women. Sharon Falor is Vice Principal of Flagstaff High School and will lead this weekend's all-female broadcast team. She says, "I think as women watch and as young girls and athletes watch these productions, I hope many will be inspired to pursue something like this."

NAU TV plans to use its all-female broadcast team in the future, and hopes other stations will follow suit.