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KNAU's 88.7 News/Classical Service Gets A Boost

Soon KNAU will have another place on the FM dial.  The Federal Communications Commission has given the go-ahead to begin service in Flagstaff on 92.5. 

The new service will carry the same programming as KNAU's main 88.7 News and Classical Music service. When complete, this "booster" transmitter will help provide cleaner reception than is currently possible by eliminating what is called "multipath interference."  A radio tuned to 88.7 in Flagstaff receives the signal directly from the Mormon Mountain transmitter, but gets numerous reflections of the signal as well.  The effect is most noticeable in a moving vehicle as the receiver passes through different areas of reflections. These reflections come from a variety of sources but are primarily off Mt. Elden. The new transmitter, to be located on Mt. Elden, will eliminate most of these reflections.

"We have a lot of work still to do.  The construction permit we received from the FCC is only the first step. And of course there is the expense.  But being able to get a clean classical music signal in Flagstaff is something that has been in the works for literally years. Our listeners deserve it," says Program Operations Director Brian Sanders.