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Gov. Brewer Contemplates Who She’ll Support In Upcoming Elections


Gov. Jan Brewer is building up a political warchest to help influence who controls the Legislature for the next two years — and potentially who succeeds her. Arizona Public Radio’s Howard Fischer reports.

New reports show Brewer has so far collected more than $740,000 in her Arizona’s Legacy political action committee. Even after fundraising expenses, that still leaves her with $635,000 in the bank. And she’s continuing to raise money. So far, no funds have gone out.

“The primaries haven’t started yet. Nor has the general election. So we’re gathering up our dollars and getting ready to expend them at the appropriate time to make a difference,” Brewer said.

The governor told Arizona Public Radio she has not decided who will benefit from her financial largesse.

“Well, I think it’s going to be spent to help elect good Republicans, specifically some of them that believe the same things that I believe in,” she said.

That should help protect Republicans who broke with party leaders last year and backed her plan to expand Medicaid. And, Brewer also supports the Common Core academic standards, something many GOP candidates oppose. Brewer also said she hasn’t decided which Republican gubernatorial hopeful will get her backing— and perhaps her money.

“I still have some meetings with some of the candidates in regards to the gubernatorial race. And so, I will make my endorsement as soon as I feel comfortable with the person that I’m going to put my name behind,” Brewer said.

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