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Arizona Universities to Collaborate on Energy Research

Robert Rappaport/Arizona Public Media

A new energy policy will bring the state’s three universities together to find solutions to Arizona’s future energy needs. As Arizona Public Radio’s Justin Regan reports, it’s the first collaboration of its kind for the state.

The Arizona Collaboratory of Advanced Energy Solutions was established from a grant by the National Governors Association. The program is designed to establish a framework for universities to work with the renewable energy industry on research and policy and attract business to Arizona. It’ll examine the potential of using energy storage, algae, biofuels, wind and solar technologies in the state. Karin Wadsack, is project director at Northern Arizona University’s Institute for Sustainable Energy Solutions.

“I think there is also a lot of room for the state universities to be working together on energy initiatives and technology transfer, intellectual property development and energy solutions that promote economic development right here in the state, or answer questions that partners inside the state are asking,” Wadsack said.

Wadsack says up until now Arizona’s universities have rarely collaborated on energy research. She says talks amongst the schools have been productive. In addition to businesses, the project will involve national laboratories and non-profits.        


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