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Immigrant Bail Law Might go to Supreme Court

Immigration advocates are calling on the U.S. Supreme Court to rule against an Arizona law that denies bail to illegal immigrants. But, as Arizona Public Radio’s Justin Regan Reports, as of now, the law is still on the books.

Recently, the ninth circuit court of appeals struck down Arizona’s 2006 voter-approved ballot measure. The ruling says it infringes on individuals’ rights to due-process. Last week, the Supreme Court put a temporary hold on the circuit court’s ruling, pending a decision of its own.

Proposition 100 denies bail to illegal immigrants charged with felonies such as shoplifting, identity theft, sexual assault and murder.

Proponents of the Arizona law want the Supreme Court to take up the case. Opponents of the law say it’s unconstitutional and are pushing for the circuit court decision to stand.

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