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University Researchers Working On New Snakebite Treatment

Raj Kamal / Stockbyte / Getty

University of Arizona researchers are working on a new initial treatment for venomous snakebites.

The College of Medicine says the product now awaiting a lengthy testing process would delay or prevent some of the most serious consequences of bites from rattlesnakes and other venomous snakes.

According to Dr. Vance Nielsen, the product could be stocked in ambulances or included in first-aid kids so that it'd be available when bite victims are far from medical care.

The college says the new therapy is intended to prevent or delay destruction of fibrinogen, an essential protein that enables blood to clot. Its loss increases the risk of internal bleeding.

Nielsen is an anesthesiology professor and the project's lead researcher. He's working on the project with Dr. Leslie Boyer, an associate professor of pathology.

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