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Judge Won't Throw Out Ruling Explaining Arpaio's Conviction

Robyn Beck/AFP/Getty Image

The federal judge in former Sheriff Joe Arpaio's now-pardoned criminal case has refused a request to throw out a ruling that explained her reasoning in finding the lawman guilty of a crime.

Judge Susan Bolton said Thursday that a pardon doesn't erase a conviction or the facts of a case.

Arpaio wanted the ruling thrown out in a bid to clear his name and prevent it from being used in future court cases as an example of a prior bad act.

Bolton says President Donald Trump's pardon only mooted Arpaio's possible punishment.

The conviction stemmed from Arpaio's disobedience of a court order to stop his immigration patrols.

Bolton had previously ruled the pardon would stand and dismissed the case.

Arpaio attorney Jack Wilenchik says Thursday's decision will be appealed.

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