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Forest Officials Urge Caution With Campfires

The National Weather Service has issued a red flag warning through Friday for the entire state of Arizona. Officials with the region’s national forests are urging people to use caution with fire, especially campfires. KNAU’s Justin Regan has more. 

Strong winds are in the forecast for the next few days with some gusts expected to top out near 60 miles per hour. A record dry winter has made for fire weather conditions. Bob Blasi with the Kaibab National Forest says people need to be vigilant in putting out their campfires correctly.

"Never abandon or leave a campfire unattended," Blasi says. "If you are going to leave hiking for the day make sure you put it out. Use a shovel, plenty of water and stir it up real good. Literally put your hand in there and feel if there’s any heat left."

Officials have found several unattended campfires over the last few days on the Kaibab National Forest. Officials with the Coconino National Forest say they’ve found at least 28 since March1st. There are currently no fire restrictions in effect for any national forests in Arizona despite calls from the public to implement closures. 

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